YUMP Session “Personal Boundaries” at Kuoyo Secondary School

Activity Report

Location: Kuoyo Sec. School
Activity Date: 04.10.2023
Start Time: 4:30 PM   End Time: 5:00 PM

Facilitators: BetterMe Team & Kuoyo Secondary School
Number of Participants: 700
Male: 313   Female: 387

Activity Purpose/ Summary:
The purpose of this life skills session at Kuoyo Secondary School was to educate students from Form 1 through to Form 4 on Consent, Personal Boundaries, and touch on Cancer prevention strategies in reference to this month being Cancer awareness month.

Personnel Input:
The session I held with Ruth with the Form 1’s went incredibly well, where we saw that students comprehensively understood the topic of consent in all areas. The students were largely engaged with the topic of personal boundaries, especially personal space, and had a lot of fun with the activities. Further, students understood what cancer is and the different measures that can be taken to prevent such illness.

The session with Dilara and Yoda was held with Form 2, where they discussed consent and cancer awareness. The students mostly understood the concept of consent and engaged well with the examples and activities. Moreover, the facilitators informed the students on what cancer is, as well as the various types of cancer for men and women and preventative measures that can be taken, screenings, not smoking etc.

Form 3 was taken by Sophia and Maxwell, who also followed with the topics of Consent and cancer awareness. Students were invested and engaged with the topics and activities that coincided.

Dahilia and Sambobi held a session with Form 4 where they discussed future aspirations and goals for their tertiary education. They also discussed largely on the physical and emotional impacts of cancer and how these impacts will disrupt your daily life.

– Positive engagement from students
– Positive feedback from teachers
– Active participation

Unanticipated Achievements:
– Team members were able to learn from these topics of discussion
– Students were able to understand the topics we were discussing and then express this through various activities
– Dahilia and Sambobi had the unanticipated achievement of engaging the Form 4’s in active discussion on their futures and goals

Supporting Partners:
Kuoyo Secondary School

October 4, 2023

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