Meet the 


“Mama Dolfine”
Dolfine Gumba Dawa (69), Kenya
Founder, Korando Children Faith Foundation

Mama Dolfine was a government-employed teacher for 20 years until she lost her 14 and 27 year old sons in 1996 within just one year. This very traumatizing experience brought her to depression followed by a premature retirement.

As she was staying at home, she started taking care of the first five orphans Miskela, Lucy, Isiah, Brenda and Kennedy; that gave a new meaning to her life. More of them started coming, finding shelter and care with her, but also food and financial support to be send to public school.

In 2006 she opened her own non-formal school to accommodate even more children and reduce the increasing cost of school fees. Her husband Patrick became the headteacher of the new school and supported her greatly throughout the years. Then in 2014 she had to handle another huge loss when her husband Patrick passed away.

Though life left it’s scars, it didn’t stop her. And today, at 69 years old, she keeps on struggling for those children in need and must have changed over 1000 lives already.

Torsten Kremser, Germany
Founder, Better Me e.V.

Toto, a well travelled globetrotter and visionary entrepreneur, had discovered the Korando Educational Center, near Kisumu, Kenya, in 2012 during his first journey through eastern and southern Africa.

By absolute coincidence (or destiny) he met Mama Dolfine, a Kenyan woman who, at 64, keeps on giving all her time and energy to provide food, shelter, healthcare and education to the orphans, vulnerable children and widows of her local community.

Her devoted commitment touched his heart and he was able to raise small funds immediately to build a new classroom, showers, buy two dozen chickens and a computer. His time was limited and so he had to leave after just 7 days. But Mama and the children stayed in his heart and he promised himself to return.

And so he did. In January 2015 he made his promise come true. Together with his good friend Mathilde he started a long 5200km journey from South Africa to Kenya, crossing Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda on their way, to raise awareness but also funds for the Korando Educational Center.

What started as a simple idea to help Mama Dolfine and her children, turned into a big vision then called Cheap Trip Big Impact. Later the vision evolved into the Better Me Foundation and Torsten, his team and the volunteers are working tirelessly to turn its ever-expanding vision into reality. This transparent and rapidly growing grassroots organization is aiming for nothing less than the stars and you can be part of this journey!

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