Our Work


Empowerment for vulnerable Children and Youth

While providing children and youth in Kenya with access to education and training, our programs use the universal languages of art and play to instill kindness, compassion and curiosity. We see Kenya’s new generation as facilitators of positive change and our mission is to empower them with skills and tools to develop righteous hearts and strong mindsets to bring about positive change for themselves and their communities.

We fulfill our mission through our 3 pillar approach.

#1 Children and Youth Support

  • We provide access to primary education by supporting the Korando Educational Centre and other projects in the slums.
  • We provide access to high-school education with our bursary program.
  • We run mentorship programs to develop youth life skills and provide emotional wellness in schools around Kisumu.

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#2 Support for Grassroots Organizations

  • We support local organizations and projects in the community, using our resources such as mentorship, counseling, training and other human resources to build capacity.
  • We support our partners to build functional organizational structures, raise awareness, increase their impact and build a network of partners and donors.

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#3 Advocacy for Children & Youth Support

  • We create spaces for dialogue with the Department of Children Services, the Department of Youth and Gender Services and the Ministry of Education, to supplement their efforts in supporting Kenyan children and youth.

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Help to help oneself and others

One of our greatest passions is to support young people to find and unleash the inner light that each of us carries deep within. Once unleashed, we are able to trust our intuition, discover our talents and express our unique gifts. We believe that each of us holds a puzzle piece to the greater whole and when we live our calling, then there is no one to compete with. Knowing that we all have our place, we can embrace each others differences.

From Victim to Victor

Through our work we empower youth to make peace with their past and turn their traumas into tools of transformation. We support them to unleash their highest potential, follow their dreams, bring about hope and positive change and empower others to do it too. We say, a Better World starts with a Better Me!

Where We Work

➤ Kisumu, Kenya

Around 35% of Kenya’s population is living below the poverty line. This leaves more than one-third of the entire country living on less than the $1.90 per day.

Kisumu is Kenya’s 3rd biggest city and almost half of all households are poor by national standards, with around 60% of all residents living in informal settlements and only about 18% have electric light in their houses. Only about half of all residents have a primary school certificate.


What We Do

➤ Sharing Good Ideas

We firmly believe that a simple idea has the power to change the world. Our programs focus on the forefront of innovative and out of the box ideas, that have the potential to solve some of our worlds biggest challenges. We share ideas that are worth sharing!

➤ Sharing Knowledge

Knowledge comes in various forms. While we provide access to mind-based school education, we also focus on feelings and heart-based knowledge. Through our beyond school camps, arts and sports events and unique experiences, we foster authentic self-expression, curiosity, creativity and innovative thinking.

➤ Sharing Tools

Our youth mentorship programs are designed to facilitate the rising mental-health problems that youth in Kenya face. We create safe spaces and share tools that nurture mental well-being, active listening, compassion and self-awareness, while processing traumatic experiences such as bullying, gender issues, domestic violence and peer pressure.

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