We empower vulnerable
Children & Youth with Education, Training and Life Skills to co-create a Better World

Our 3 Pillar Approach

#1 Children and Youth Support

  • We provide 300 children with access to primary education by supporting the Korando Educational Centre and other projects in the slums.
  • We provide 135 children with access to high-school education with our bursary program.
  • We support 10,000+ youth with mentorship, life skills and emotional wellness in schools around Kisumu.

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#2 Support for Grassroots Organizations

  • We support 7 local organizations and projects in the community, using our resources such as mentorship, counseling, training and other human resources to build capacity.
  • We support our partners to build functional organizational structures, raise awareness, increase their impact and build a network of partners and donors.

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#3 Advocacy for Children & Youth Support

  • We create spaces for dialogue with the Department of Children Services and Youth and Gender Services, as well as the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health, to supplement their efforts in supporting Kenyan children and youth.

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Hot off the press!

➤ Recent Updates

Annual Report 2022

We are excited to share with you our 2022 annual report, filled with love and appreciation for all your support and the incredible work our team has been able to do in Kenya! The report is available...

Success stories from our Bursary Program

I am grateful to all those who contributed to my success at high school level and I would like to let you all know that through perseverance, patience and determination, one can walk far.

“Thank you for saving my life” – Success story from the Kisumu Children’s Remand Home

“Thank you so much for saving my life”. These simple words coming from a 12-year old boy while tears were rolling down his cheeks was enough to make our social work team cry. They were not tears of...

➤ Personal Stories from Kenya

Tukio means Adventure – by Isabel from Colombia

Tukio means adventure in Swahili, and there is no better way to describe this experience so far. The experience for me was unexpected. I wasn’t looking for it but it found me anyway, how? Through...

Ubuntu Family Initiative – Cooking, Piano and Art Classes for Korando Kids

Virtual Cooking Classes After joining Better Me’s Child Sponsorship Program in 2020, Natalie had an idea. She had been supporting a bright Grade 6 student named Melinda, but she wanted to find more...

How I broke through fear – Emily from the U.S.

My breakthrough experience Hi, I'm Emily from the United States, an intern at Better Me Kenya. If you had asked me a month ago how much my experience working with Better Me would change my life, I...

“I believe every single human, deep inside, is powerful beyond measure. It’s that power, that light, that we are most afraid of. With Better Me it’s our mission to support youth to unleash that light, for when we shine bright, we inspire others to do the same.”

- Torsten Kremser, Cheerman