Better Me is a German/ Kenyan not-for-profit, on a mission to empower vulnerable children & youth in Kenya with Education, Training and Life Skills, to bring about positive change for themselves and their communities.

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Celebrating 5 Transformative Years with Better Me

May 2024 marks a significant milestone in my journey with Better Me. It has been five incredible years since I joined the organization as a volunteer coordinator, and our progress during this period...

Team Building – Embracing Fear and Building Bonds

In the heart of western Kenya, the Better Me team embarked on a journey of self-discovery and team building from September 18th to 19th. What started as a delightful dinner quickly evolved into an...

Korando Birthday Party

Most of us, if not everyone, celebrates their birthday every year. Something that seems normal to us, is quite foreign and special to the children at Korando. Many kids don't even know their...

➤ Latest Stories from Kenya

Weekend Adventure Roadtrip to Kakamega and Beyond

Weekends provide a great opportunity to unwind from the whirlwind of weekday tasks and tight schedules. This past weekend, we decided to hit the road and explore some of the neighboring counties to...

Why I keep coming back (7th time) – By Angela from Spain

After 7 times in Korando, I keep on learning new things every time I visit, and I keep enjoying the experience as if it was the first one. Thank you to my Kenyan family for making the 15 days of my...

Rafiki – My Friend – by Janne from Belgium

This summer I spent a month in Kisumu and I had the best time of my life. Before going, I thought I was just going to teach the little ones everyday from morning to evening, but one week into the program I noticed that there was so much more to explore!

➤ Latest Activity Reports

Day 2 of Psychological First Aid Counselling Session with Red Cross and Volunteers.

We held a second day of Psychological First Aid with a second group of Red Cross first responders staff.
1) We again used speed dating to try a cathartic method of emotional release. From yesterday’s …

Swimming Lesson with Grade 7 @ Korando

We started the swimming lessons with grade 7 by trying to build the water confidence. An important part of water confidence is to learn that the water will carry you and that you need to stay calm. On…

English Class with the Younger Boys @ Remand Home

We started the class by reviewing the present continuous tense. We explained how this tense is formed and when it is used, providing signal words such as “at the moment,” “now,” and “next weekend.” Af…

“I believe every single human, deep inside, is powerful beyond measure. It’s that power, that light, that we are most afraid of. With Better Me it’s our mission to support youth to unleash that light, for when we shine bright, we inspire others to do the same.”

- Torsten Kremser, Cheerman