We empower vulnerable
Children & Youth with Education, Training and Life Skills to co-create a Better World

and we


a world of self-responsibe, compassionate and curious human beings who work together to strengthen life in all forms.

Better Me e.V. is a registered non-for-profit and public benefit organization in Germany (VR 201537) and collaborates with a network of implementing partner-organizations in Kenya.


Empowerment for vulnerable Children and Youth

While providing children and youth in Kenya with access to education and training, our programs use the universal languages of art and play to instill kindness, compassion and curiosity. We see Kenya’s new generation as facilitators of positive change and our mission is to empower them with skills and tools to develop righteous hearts and strong mindsets to bring about positive change for themselves and their communities.

We fulfill our mission through our 3 pillar approach.


Direct Youth Support 

We provide…

  • Education and Training
  • Mentorship and Counseling
  • Soft- and Life-Skills

Our main activities and programs:

  • Fly High: High-School Bursaries for vulnerable youth to access secondary schools.
  • YUMP (Youth Unleashed Mentorship Program): Supports youth in high-schools with emotional wellness, through group work and individual counseling.
  • Beyond School Holiday Camps: Gives children a place to connect, play and self-express, while they learn critical soft- and life-skills.
  • Chapati JOY Festivals: One day events to uplift, inspire and share love with children in institutions.

Youth Support via Partners

We work closely with and assist in the educational practices and needs of the nursery and primary school Korando Educational Center.

Furthermore, we partner with and strengthen other grassroots organizations to reach and assist an even larger part of the Kisumu community.

We support our partners with:

  • Capacity Building such as trainings, workshops and seminars.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Human, financial and technical resources.

Some of our partners:

  • Homeless of Kisumu
  • Armstrong Woman Empowerment
  • Dewo Ngima
  • Jijenge Youth
  • Background Angels
  • Fablabs Winam
  • LakeHub

Advocacy for Children’s & Youth Rights

We work closely with the local government to ensure long lasting and sustainable change.

Our work includes:

  • Advocacy for the importance of increased government assistance to support social and educational programs in the communities.
  • Advisory on public policy.
  • Raising awareness on Mental and Emotional health, GBV, Children’s Rights etc. by holding International Days to bring awareness around such topics.
  • Networking local stakeholders via public events and conferences.

Help to help oneself and others

One of our greatest passions is to support young people to find and unleash the inner light that each of us carries deep within. Once unleashed, we are able to trust our intuition, discover our talents and express our unique gifts. We believe that each of us holds a puzzle piece to the greater whole and when we live our calling, then there is no one to compete with. Knowing that we all have our place, we can embrace each others differences.

From Victim to Victor

Through our work we empower youth to make peace with their past and turn their traumas into tools of transformation. We support them to unleash their highest potential, follow their dreams, bring about hope and positive change and empower others to do it too. We say, a Better World starts with a Better Me!

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