Quote Exploration “One dies of thirst just when the palm trees appear at the horizon” @ Jijenge Youth

Activity Report

Location: Jijenge Youth Organization
Activity Date: 09.05.2024
Start Time: 2:00 PM   End Time: 4:00 PM

Facilitators: Ruth Obilo, Spencer Akoth, Anna Maninneti, Thijs De waard, Johanna Willemson
Number of Participants: 18
Male: 10   Female: 8

Activity Purpose/ Summary:
In our recent discussion with a group of youths, we embarked on a captivating exploration inspired by the evocative quote, “One dies of thirst just when palm trees appear at the horizon.” This quote served as a crucial metaphor for the often challenging and unpredictable nature of the journey towards success. With a focus on themes of persistence, patience, and overcoming obstacles, our aim was to delve deeply into the psychological and emotional dimensions of the pursuit of one’s goals.

Personnel Input:
Facilitators played a crucial role in guiding the conversation, ensuring that all participants had the opportunity to contribute and that the discussion remained focused on the intended topics.
We also engaged the youth in an activity called creative visualization journey at the end of the talk. The participants were provided with pieces of paper and colored pencils, where they were required to visualize their success journey with possible obstacles and how they can overcome them.
The youths actively engaged in the discussion by sharing personal stories and perspectives related to persistence, patience, and overcoming obstacles.

-Through the discussion, participants gained a deeper understanding of the importance of persistence and patience in achieving their goals. They may have reflected on past experiences where perseverance led to success or where giving up prematurely resulted in missed opportunities.

-The exploration of obstacles likely helped participants identify common challenges they face on their paths to success, as well as strategies for overcoming them. This newfound awareness can empower them to navigate future obstacles more effectively.

-Achieving a shared understanding of these concepts can foster a sense of empowerment and motivation among the youth, encouraging them to continue striving towards their goals despite the difficulties they may encounter.

Unanticipated Achievements:
While the main focus was on discussing persistence, patience, and obstacles, unexpected stories of resilience and determination from some participants emerged. These stories served as powerful examples of the human capacity to overcome adversity, inspiring their peers to persevere in the face of challenges.

Supporting Partners:
Jijenge Youth Organization

May 9, 2024

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