Promoting Peace and Cohesion in Kisumu’s Communities

Rotary for Peace March

Kenya is just one year away from elections and most of the time during this period there is usually a lot of violence during campaigns coming from young people who are hired by politicians. This situation usually affects children and women the most.

In partnership with the Rotary Club of Kisumu, we organized a series of events that would help promote peace and cohesion in the communities of Kisumu. We started my attending a radio talk show where we talked to young people of how they can promote peace and cohesion amongst themselves, especially during the covid period and during the times when unemployment is at an all-time high.

Towards the end of the activities, we held a 4 Km peace walk from ‘Kondele roundabout’ which is usually the place where marches and demonstrations start from. The walk took us up to a primary school in the nearby slum where we planted trees as a sign of peace and along the way showed the community’s messages of peace from placards and banners that we had prepared in advance. Our efforts were welcomed by the community and praised by local leaders who encouraged us to continue promoting such ideas.

Promoting peace is particularly important to us since children are the ones who suffer the most when there is conflict and it is our mandate to protect children and promote their welfare.

February 25, 2021

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