Annual Report 2023

We are excited to share with you our 2023 annual report, filled with love and appreciation for all your support and the incredible work our team has been able to do in Kenya!

The report is available in both english and german.

Please enjoy!




Dear readers,

We are looking back at yet another successful year. 2023 was marked by significant smilestones, not only terms of impact, but also for our growth as an international organization.

New Board of Directors
Ever since founding Better Me, it was Torsten’s dream to ensure sustainability beyond his tenure. In October 2023, after serving as the chair to the board since its inception, Torsten chose not to run for another election cycle, allowing for new energy to step forward. Subsequently, the general assembly appointed a new board of directors, with Simon Kühnert as the Chair, Bekim Kollçaku as the Vice-Chair and Gudrun Kremser as the Treasury. Together as the new board, we are incredibly grateful for Torsten’s leadership and service over the years and inspired by what the future holds for us. Torsten will continue to serve Better Me e.V. as an independent consultant.

On the Ground
Better Me Kenya (BMKN) significantly strengthened its engagement with key stakeholders, which increased our program’s reach and impact. Put in numbers, BMKN reached over 16,000 beneficiaries and welcomed 58 volunteers in Kenya. Both are new records.

One of the most notable partnerships was with the Kisumu Children Remand Home, where our volunteers conducted weekly activities. Another remarkable collaboration with Dewo Ngima led to the identification of critical needs of children in the Nyalenda slums. This resulted in the Nyalenda Young Stars Football Club, which aligns seamlessly with our goals.

Overall, 2023 was a transformative year for Better Me, marked by strengthened stakeholder engagement, impactful program activities, and significant investments in capacity-building. These efforts have laid a solid foundation for future growth and success, as we continue with our mission to unleash the inner power within 1 million children & youth.

With gratitude,

Simon Kühnert, Bekim Kollçaku and Gudrun Kremser

Board of Directors, Better Me e.V.

February 15, 2024

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