2021 Christmas Fundraiser | Special Edition Bags

Christmas is a magical time 🙂

It is when we appreciate the sweetness of the Christmas biscuits, sipping hot cocoa and listening to Michael Bublé. We enjoy the Christmas lights in the streets while rushing from shop to shop to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones and we enjoy strolling in beautiful Christmas markets.

Christmas is a wonderful time and even more beautiful, when shared with the ones who are currently less fortunate. This season we invite you to contribute in various ways to our fundraising activities. This will ensure, that the most vulnerable children and youth under our care in Kenya, receive the support they deserve in 2022 and beyond!

You can help in 4 ways:

1. Donation

Make a direct donation (or buy one of your chique Xmas Special Edition Bags). Every bit counts! 🙂

2. Xmas Special Edition Bags

Help us sell our Xmas Special Edition Bags in your community. See photos below, the bags are just WOW – the perfect Christmas gift with a giant purpose!

3. Fundraise for us

Get active and hands on! Organize a fundraiser with friends, colleagues and family. Below is a whole guide with ideas!

4. Become a Sponsor

Sponsor a child and/ or ask others to do so. You can learn more about our Child Sponsorship program here.

Xmas Special Edition Bags

Each bag is 100% cotton, 100% hand-made in Kenya, 100% for purpose and 100% made with love! And it’s definitely not just a bag!!! 😉

These bags were specifically made to support our children and youth projects in Kenya – by our partner organization Dewo Ngima, which empowers woman in the slums of Kisumu with sewing skills.

So yes, these bags have quite a purpose and we are grateful for your support!

Over 500 are available for sale across Europe. Price €25 each.

Contact [email protected] if you’d love to support us with selling them or make an order yourself!


Want to raise money for Better me? Here is how!

Christmas is the best reason to gather many people at once, so what better occasion to organise a fundraising event? This amazing guide will provide you with all the tools, ideas and tips necessary to organize a successful fundraiser. You only have to bring the people!

Get started:

  • Choose what activity you want to do; it is worth choosing based on where you would fundraise and who will participate. Some fundraising activities are perfect to do in the office, while others will be super fun to do with kids. Below you can find some ideas.
  • Check if you need some special permission, especially if you want to organize the fundraising at your workplace, school or a public space.
  • Advertise your fundraising event. Make sure that people know about the fundraising, tell your friends, family and colleagues in advance. Below you can download posters, flyers and social media posts to use before and during your event.
  • Reach out to student organisations or your community organization. They can help in hosting and advertising your fundraising event.
  • Get the info. The fundraising is for a good cause and people will likely ask about it, so make sure to know at least the basic activities of Better Me. Below you can find some documents that will support you in this.



Fun fundraising activities

These fun fundraising activities can be done at your workplace, in your community, with your family,  at your school or university or even online.

Virtual crowdfunding

Create some social media posts or stories for Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, or any other platform you use to inform people about Better Me, why it is important to you, and how impactful their donations can be. Be sure to make the story personal, and to offer your audience a variety of donation tiers (i.e $5, $10,$15 etc) and refer to the bottom of this email for what each value can correspond to as far as impact. 


Sell delicious homemade food and drinks at your school, office or at Christmas markets.

Throw a party

Charge your friends for the entrance or sell food and drinks during the evening. You can also ask your favourite bar or restaurant to host the event to attract even more people. 

 Fundraise through restaurants

Partner with a local restaurant or a chain to hold a fundraiser where the proceeds go to support Better Me. Some restaurants, like Chipotle, offer these fundraising services through an online application and even help you in advertising your event.

 Penny wars

Groups are created and each group is asked to collect and donate pocket change each day. The groups compete against one another to see who can collect the most change. Each coin retains its value in points (i.e. A coin worth 5 cents is worth 5 points). The goal of the game is to collect more change, and thus more points, than the opposing teams. Dollars or Euros can be placed in opposing teams`containers and will subtract from the number of points they have(i.e. one dollar takes away 100 points from an opposing team). The team who collects more coins will receive a small prize. This game is perfect to play in the office or at school.

 Bar games Tournament

Organise a tournament of billiards, darts, table football or beer pong at your favourite venue. Each  participant has to pay an entry fee to take part in the tournament.

 70-30 Raffle

Basically like the super classic raffle, but the winner will get 30% of the prize raised with the ticket sales.

 Duct-Tape fundraiser

Find a victim to duct tape at the wall (a boss or a principal is particularly suited for this role), charge people for every piece of duct tape.

 Paper Airplanes

Sell each sheet of paper to create the paper airplane for a small amount. The one that gets closest to the target wins a small prize.

Donate Your Coffee Money

Leave a jar next to the coffee machine at your office and ask people to donate the same amount of money for a coffee every time they get one.

 Ugly Sweater Competition

Everyone in the office has to show off their ugliest sweater. Charge a small fee for participation and have everyone vote on who has the best, ugly sweater in the office.

 Swear Jar/ Office Jargon Jar

Charge a small sum for each swear word.  In the office you can try the “Office Jargon Jar” variant, the principle is the same, but everyone has to pay for every time they use a classic office jargon phrase. Here are a few suggestions: ‘Touch base’, ‘Innovative, ‘Game changer’, ‘Going forward’, “Best practice’, ‘On the same page’, ‘Leverage”, ‘Quick win’, ‘Close of play’, “Think outside of the box”, “Productivity” …

 Christmas donation

Instead of getting presents from your loved ones, ask them to make a donation. This can be done in person or virtually through crowdfunding on social media. Facebook is particularly useful for this option!

 Donate an Hours Pay

Encourage people at your workplace to donate one hour of their salary.

 Workshop for Christmas

You can host a craft workshop to create a nice Christmas gift. This could be anything you want from painting, to clay, to make your own t-shirt, or whatever else you can think of. You can provide for the space for the workshop and the material and charge a fee to participate.

 Virtual games night

Organise a game night on zoom. connect with your friends from all over the world and play trivia quiz, bingo or “guess who”.  

November 18, 2021

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