Girls & Boys Football Training @ Nyalenda Young Stars

Activity Report

Location: Nyalenda Football Club
Activity Date: 31.10.2023
Start Time: 2:00 PM   End Time: 4:30 PM

Facilitators: Dilara, Coach Billy, Tom
Number of Participants: 36
Male: 24   Female: 12

Activity Purpose/ Summary:
In Tuesday’s session, the boys focused on their passing skills while the girls got a lot of playtime to get a feeling for the game. On Thursday we organized some fun games which improved the reaction time. The boys got a little life skill session and the girls played a football game.

Personnel Input:
Tuesday’s session: The girls training was led by Dilara. We started the session with race in which they have to run specific color combinations as fast as they can. After that they played 4/5 against one. Before doing an end football game, we trained shooting goals and did a little penalty shooting tournament.
The boy’s training was led by couch Billy. They started the training with a warming up by doing different coordination tasks. After that they trained their passing skills by doing different passing combinations. At the end they organised a tournament within the team.

Thursday’s session: The girls’ training was led by Dilara. We started the session with a warm-up which included some coordination tasks. After that they had to run a color combination as fast as they could. Because of the rain I decided to let the girls move a lot and just doing a football game. The boy’s training was led by couch Billy. He organised a few chasing and coordination games which improves their speed, reaction time and concentration. After that he talked about decision making and tried to include the boys into the decision of sharing the price money of tournaments within the whole team and not just the ones who played on that day.

Boys’ training: By including the boys in decision making they learn how to handle responsibility. Next to the skills they achieved, they were trained to concentrate on the games. It is also really important to include some fun games in the training to lighten up the mood. Girls’ training: The girls improve their skills from training to training by repeating the exercises. They are getting more and more used to each other by letting them play a lot.

Unanticipated Achievements:
Boys: It was stunning to see the way the boys were discussing
about the decision of sharing the price money. Couch Billy gave
them time for themselves to discuss which they used really
Girls: This week was really successful because the number of
participating girls rose from 5 to 12. So we were able to have
training with useful exercises. They seemed to have fun.

Supporting Partners:
Dewo Ngima

October 31, 2023

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