Computer Classes for 8th Grade @ Korando Educational Center

Activity Report

Location: Korando Educational Center
Activity Date: 28.01.2024
Start Time: 2:00 PM   End Time: 3:30 PM

Facilitators: Johannes
Number of Participants: 30
Male: 15   Female: 15

Activity Purpose/ Summary:
This is the follow up of computer classes for the 8th grade at the Korando Educational Center, taking place on 3 days this week. Each session included a quick recap of the previous session at the beginning. Overall the following topics where covered based on learning materials provided by the center and the volunteer (training video):

– Computer user environment (including safety and security aspects)
– Safety precautions in a computer user environment
– Inside of a computer (the mainboard and its main components, other important hardware)
– Live demo: organising file storage in a computer, editing text documents
– Easy games on a computer (students were allowed to play a bit on volunteer’s computer while a TV was connected as a display extension)

Personnel Input:
– Volunteer brought in personal experience from multiple trainings as a professional IT consultant to host training / educational sessions.+
– A laptop was used to demo some (organising) work on a computer, displayed on a TV.

Students got an impression on how to organise files on a computer based on given structure. And they learned how it looks like to work on a computer (editing text files). Also, a free slot in the aftermath of the class was used on day 3 to play some games. Students enjoyed that a lot. Especially they were curios about two less complex computer games unknown to them however they quickly learned how to play those games and interacted very socially (one student after another went for a move during the games).

Unanticipated Achievements:
– Although the class seemed to be theoretically, students remained interested and continuously made notes. Much more compared to other classes.
– It turned out that there is an empty slot for another potential class right after the Friday computer class. Volunteer and students agreed to use this time for some computer games.

Supporting Partners:

January 28, 2024

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