Vision and Goal Setting @ Remand Home

Activity Report

Location: Remand Home
Activity Date: 06.03.2024
Start Time: 10:00 AM   End Time: 11:00 AM

Facilitators: Diana , Zoey and Fredrick
Number of Participants: 20
Male: 15   Female: 5

Activity Purpose/ Summary:
The activity was held to help the kids know their goals, desires, and their visions for the future. We introduced the lesson to the kids by defining what goals and vision meant. We gave examples in each case and told them the examples of goals one would wish for or have. We gave them the difference between goals and visions, and each one of us stood up and talked about their goals and visions. This gave the kids at least a hint of what we were talking about and made them be in a position to do so on their own. We also talked to them about what one needed to do in order to achieve his/her goals and vision, how one should work towards achieving his/her goals. We then introduced a mind map where they were able to write down their goals and visions.

Personnel Input:
We introduced the topic to the kids, then made them aware of what goals and visions meant and gave them a few examples of our own goals and visions. We then gave them a chance to share their individual goals and visions, followed by discussing their responses with them. Next, we taught them what one should do in order to achieve their own goals and how to work towards achieving them successfully. Finally, we provided the kids with papers and pens to draw a mind map, a diagram that encapsulated their goals and visions. All of them completed this task, and we collected their papers, placing them together on the wall to conclude the session.

We successfully conveyed the definitions of goals and visions to the kids, ensuring that by the end of the lesson, they understood their own goals and how to work towards achieving them. Additionally, the children learned how to create a mind map, which effectively combined their specific goals and visions.

Unanticipated Achievements:
The kids were able to grasp the concepts of goals and visions, enabling them to easily construct a mind map that clearly outlined their goals and visions.

Supporting Partners:

March 6, 2024

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