Mobile Library Session @ Nyalenda Slums

Activity Report

Location: Nyalenda Slums
Activity Date: 18.12.2023
Start Time: 10:00 AM   End Time: 1:00 PM

Facilitators: Yoda, Sumi, Kelvin, Johannness, Samambo, Shin
Number of Participants: 72
Male: 35   Female: 37

Activity Purpose/ Summary:
It was beautiful to see how the kids at the slums saw us passing, and they could recognize it was for the Mobile Library. They kept on inviting others. The group got bigger even before we arrived at the venue. We eventually sat amongst the kids, and each one was given a book. They began reading, and some who couldn’t were helped by the volunteers.

After the class, we had a chance to dance and play together.

Personnel Input:
Our team participated in assisting the kids with reading and comprehension skills.

It is a slum area, and mobilizing the kids might not be easy. However, the moment they saw the yellow t-shirts our volunteers had put on, they followed and went around to invite others. So far, they understand how the program runs. They can easily sit, grab a book, and begin reading.

Unanticipated Achievements:
The way the kids followed us to the venue of the event and carefully sat to read and to be helped to read. Each one was fighting for a book.

Supporting Partners:
Dewo Ngima community organization.

December 18, 2023

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