Mindful Firefighters: Nurturing Mental Wellness

Activity Report

Location: Kisumu
Activity Date: 14.02.2024
Start Time: 10:30 AM   End Time: 12:30 PM

Facilitators: Thomas Ogalo
Number of Participants: 15
Male: 11   Female: 4

Activity Purpose/ Summary:
The objective was to promote wellness and resilience among firefighters through a mindfulness and stress reduction activity

Personnel Input:
Tom guided the group through a visualization exercise that saw them relax and visualize that they were in a sky diving exercise with parachutes, the parachute failed to open and the participants imagined they were in this situation and talked about their experiences. the second part of the activity would see the participants back into their visualization, the backup parachute finally deploys and the person realised that they would survive, a discussion then started and participants talked about how they would do things diferently.

The firefighters were able to share their experiences with their colleagues on the personal challenges that they face while at the same time,they are always expected to be available to respond to emergencies.
The Firefighters agreed that Mental Health plays a huge role in their lives

Unanticipated Achievements:
The willingness of the firefighters to share their feelings freely being that this was the first time we were meeting this year.

Supporting Partners:
The City of Kisumu, Kisumu City Fire Station.

February 14, 2024

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