Menstrual Hygiene Lesson @ Korando

Activity Report

Location: Korando Educational Center
Activity Date: 24.05.2024
Start Time: 4:00 PM   End Time: 5:15 PM

Facilitators: Anna Maninetti, Jule Schlageter, Laura Coggiola, Ruth Oblio, Spencer Akoth
Number of Participants: 30
Male: 0   Female: 42

Activity Purpose/ Summary:
The menstrual hygiene class aimed to spread knowledge and awareness about the menstrual cycle, menstrual products, and body empowerment (pain, cramps, etc.). We started by showing the female reproductive system and explaining the regular menstrual cycle. After that, we showed the three most common menstrual products to use (pads, tampons, menstrual cup). For each product, we showed the students how to apply it, how to clean it, how long it can last, and how to clean their vagina. Then, we explained period cramps, pains, and other symptoms that occur during the period. For example, we discussed painkillers, physical activity, heating pads, a proper diet, drinking water, and not being ashamed of your body. The last part of the lesson focused on questions. A few students asked about irregular periods, no period for a long time, and bleeding after having sexual intercourse. We then gave each student a piece of paper to write down anonymous questions that will be answered in the next lesson (May 28th).

Personnel Input:
We coordinated, planned, and explained the lesson with images and demonstrations on how to apply menstrual products. We also answered questions about the menstrual cycle and how to feel comfortable in your own body.

All the students were female and felt comfortable asking questions about their periods and personal experiences. All the students, both younger and older, paid close attention, took notes, and engaged actively with us.

Unanticipated Achievements:
Both the younger and older girls paid a lot of attention. In the last part of the lesson, we gave them the opportunity to ask anonymous questions, and we were not expecting so many that will be covered in the next lesson. Especially the older girls (grades 7 and 8) raised their hands and asked questions very openly—they were not shy.

Supporting Partners:
Teachers of the Korando Educational Centre

May 24, 2024

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