Initial German Class @ Kudho Secondary School

Activity Report

Location: St. John Chrisostom Kudho Secondary School
Activity Date: 25.01.2024
Start Time: 12:20 PM   End Time: 1:00 PM

Facilitators: Johannes
Number of Participants: 40
Male: 40   Female: 0

Activity Purpose/ Summary:
It was the very first German class for this particular class. It was also the very first school class held by anyone from within the Better Me organisation.

Students did have their initial German class at all and they did have the opportunity to talk to a native (German) speaker. Students were very interested and eager to learn. They actively took part in this session and there was no sign of being overwhelmed in any way.

Personnel Input:
German language knowledge and experience as a native speaker.

Students got familiar with some German basics which are important for later learning sessions. However the following topics were covered:

– Greetings
– Leave-taking
– German Umlauts
– Basic sentence order (verb’s position)
– Personal pronoms
– Noun handling in German (capital letters)

Unanticipated Achievements:
Volunteer got promoted to (German) teacher for the time of availability. This grants the volunteer same permissions and privileges as other (regular) teachers hold. Including to enter the staff room and sharing lunch with the staff.

Supporting Partners:

January 25, 2024

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