English Class “Translation from Swahili” @ Remand Home

Activity Report

Location: Remand Home
Activity Date: 01.12.2023
Start Time: 10:00 AM   End Time: 11:00 AM

Facilitators: Ruth Obilo
Number of Participants: 12
Male: 11   Female: 1

Activity Purpose/ Summary:
The class activity for this day was meant to test the kid’s knowledge and understanding on tenses and translation.
Some kids tend to know some words in Swahili language but not able to translate the same word into English and so this Class aimed at bridging the gap.

Personnel Input:
1. The facilitator introduced the topic of discussion for that day
2. Later she grouped the participants into 3 different groups.
3. She wrote a list of 6 sentences written in Swahili for translation.
4. Distributed the 3 lists to the 3 groups for the discussion.
5. After group discussions, the facilitator guided the whole class in discussing the group findings.

Kids enjoyed working in groups and the outcome of the activities were quite amazing

Unanticipated Achievements:
Kids ability to recognize and translate the different tenses applied in the sentences.

Supporting Partners:
Remand home administration

December 1, 2023

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