Day 2 of Psychological First Aid Counselling Session with Red Cross and Volunteers.

Activity Report

Location: Kenya Red Cross
Activity Date: 05.06.2024
Start Time: 9:00 AM   End Time: 2:30 PM

Facilitators: Kelvin
Number of Participants: 30
Male: 12   Female: 18

Activity Purpose/ Summary:
We held a second day of Psychological First Aid with a second group of Red Cross first responders staff.
1) We again used speed dating to try a cathartic method of emotional release. From yesterday’s session, we realized most of the responders are bottling up emotions, which may end up having catastrophic effects over time.
2) We came up with questions designed for them to express themselves and release the challenging and hurtful emotions. It was an opportunity to talk without censoring.

Personnel Input:
We facilitated the session.

The session was very well received.

Unanticipated Achievements:
More people are coming in with requests for either an invitation to a session or the desire to work with us.

Supporting Partners:
Red Cross

June 5, 2024

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