Celebrating 5 Transformative Years with Better Me

May 2024 marks a significant milestone in my journey with Better Me. It has been five incredible years since I joined the organization as a volunteer coordinator, and our progress during this period is truly remarkable. When I look back, I am filled with pride and a sense of accomplishment for the transformation I have been part of and the milestones we have achieved together.

The Evolution of My Role

Starting as a volunteer coordinator, my role has significantly evolved. Today, I am the program coordinator while still maintaining my responsibilities as the volunteer coordinator. This dual role has allowed me to impact various facets of the organization profoundly. My initial task was to bring structure and efficiency, and I am proud to say we have come a long way since then.

Legal and Policy Framework

One of the most pivotal achievements during my tenure has been overseeing the formal registration of Better Me as a legal entity in Kenya. This step was crucial for our compliance with government regulations and for establishing a solid foundation for our operations. Additionally, I played a key role in developing all the organization’s policies and procedures, which were nonexistent when I joined. These policies have been instrumental in guiding our operations and ensuring we remain aligned with our mission and values.

Expanding Our Partnerships

When I joined Better Me, we had partnerships with two local organizations: Dewo Ngima and the Dolfine Korando Faith Foundation. Today, I am proud to say that we have expanded our network to include over 12 core partners, including Homeless of Kisumu, Jijenge Youth Organization, Armstrong Women Empowerment Center, Mbaga Orphaned Children Center, Paul Wanjigi Alpine, Kenyan Kids, Kadana Foundation, Soulevement, Nyalenda Youngstars, Dance Center Korando, FabLab Winam, and the Kenya Red Cross. These partnerships have been crucial in expanding our reach and impact.

Government Collaborations

Our relationship with both the national and county governments has strengthened significantly. We have established collaborations with the Kisumu Children Remand Home, the Department of Children Services, the State Department of Social Protection, the Kisumu County Referral Hospital, the Kisumu County Department of Gender and Social Protection, and the Kisumu Fire Department. These partnerships have been vital in driving our initiatives forward and ensuring we meet the needs of the communities we serve.

Mentorship and Mental Health Programs

One of the initiatives I am most proud of is the mentorship program I helped to create and implement. This program has benefited over 30,000 children and young people across 25 different learning institutions and community spaces. It has been instrumental in promoting mental health in Kenya, providing support and guidance to countless young individuals.

Organizational Growth

Under my leadership, Better Me has seen substantial growth. Our team has expanded from a single employee to six dedicated professionals. This growth is a testament to our collective effort and commitment to our mission. Additionally, we have significantly increased our revenues from approximately €30,000 to over €80,000, pending the current annual report. This financial growth has enabled us to broaden our impact and implement more extensive programs.

Volunteer and Intern Programs

Together with my team, we have successfully hosted over 150 volunteers and interns from four different continents and 23 different countries. These volunteers have played a crucial role in our programs, bringing diverse perspectives and skills that have enriched our work and enhanced our impact.

Looking Ahead

As I reflect on these past five years, I am grateful for the journey and the incredible team at Better Me. The progress we have made is a testament to our collective effort, dedication, and passion for making a difference. I am excited about the future and the opportunities that lie ahead. Together, we will continue to grow, innovate, and transform lives.

Thank you for being part of this journey with Better Me. Here’s to many more years of impact and growth!

May 27, 2024

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