The key is to start doing something, not the perfection – By Giulia from Italy

 When I first arrived in Kisumu I was not very sure about what I was going to find there, and what exactly I was going to do.

My desire was to leave my daily routine ,  step out of my comfort zone, and live a new experience with  personal  challenges by going to Korando to Volunteer in Kenya.



And that was exactly what happened.

How was it possible for me to leave a personal sign of my presence there, in a place so far away  from my daily reality ? I knew I would not be happy If I would not have found it, and that was how the idea of “the wall ” was born.


The colored wall was first of all, a simple and easy project aiming to involve young children in it’s creation. Each of them had the opportunity to paint one brick, and it has been amazing how each brick was reflecting each child personal interpretation. The final result is a bunch of colored bricks representing different lives, all of them equally precious.

Some bricks were not perfect, but I decided not to correct them . I left them how the children painted them because the key is to start doing something, not the perfection, it is more important to share what we have today, right now.


Korando is a school and even if I’m not a teacher I tried to give simply what I could in that specific context.
This has been ” My voice for Korando”.

Curious About Volunteering?

September 4, 2016

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