45 Hours to Korando- by Siva from Fiji Islands, South Pacific

Our journey started off in the South Pacific and across two continents to get to Korando, Kisumu. A total of 45 hours by flight. The journey was not as difficult as I would have imagined as I was accompanied by my partner who had previously visited Korando two years before.

We arrived on the 10th of February early evening, just in time for dinner. My first experience with the beautiful children at the centre was sharing a meal with them. The children were very curious to see us. A happy curiosity feeling was evident in their eyes and smiles. We got to know the other volunteers and helpers that evening too.

My feelings towards the children were of empathy and heartbreak. I grew up in a “so called” third world country, Fiji Islands, but my upbringing and the struggles of my country and its people are in no comparison to the ones of the children I just met.

Our short stay at the centre had numerous moments of deep heartfelt sorrow, laughter, happiness and profound reflection. Too many to describe, but I am sure that these moments will remain with us for the rest of our lives. The most overwhelming moments were seeing the children’s smiles and eyes light up with joy during a game of soccer, sharing a joke, sharing a meal together or just when I allowed the children to touch my hairy arms and legs in sheer amusement.


As a departing gift, Beatrice, a quiet and reserved young girl, wrote me a touching letter that bought tears and sunk my heart.

It reads:


Dear Siva,

I wish you a very good life

I wish you a bright new day

We welcome you

We can share everything

We can watch the movies

We can sing together

 Thank you so much

We love you



The letter was written with drawings of hearts and flowers!

I want to thank my beautiful partner, Tiziana, for introducing me to Korando and Better Me.

My life has now a deeper purpose: the welfare and continuous growth of the children that have now become a part of me, with the support of my family and my beautiful Jaan.

I thank Mama Dolfine, all the volunteers, the teachers and the helpers at the centre.

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March 18, 2019

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