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Every minute I spend at Korando changes my life a bit – By Angela from Spain

It is said that second parts are never good, and I do not even imagine what it might be said about the third ones. This is not true in my case; it is just the opposite when we talk about my experience at Korando and all the wonderful people there.

I can’t explain in words the feeling of happiness that I felt when I finally reached the school, I saw everyone again and hugged the pupils, teachers, and all the members of my African family. It is impossible that those people love me more.


Once again I just can say THANK YOU. Thank you for making my life happier, thank for giving me so much love, thank you for including me as a part of your family… thank you for so many things I can’t express here.

Last year, I was saying that the experience at the Korando Educational Center had changed my life. Today, one year later, I can’t do anything but reaffirm it. Every minute I spend at Korando changes my life a bit.

This time, Korando pupils were very close and open with me from the very beginning, and this made the days and the experience even more intensive than last year. My happy welcoming, full of songs and hugs, was amazing and it made me start the month with even more energy


Right now I am already back in Madrid and thinking of all the feelings I have had during my time there. I am so happy for all the things I have experienced and they will be in my mind forever. Seeing the children enjoying bathing in the river or just having a walk, talking to me about their lives or asking me questions about Spain and my culture was simply amazing. On the other hand, reading their beautiful letters or even seeing tears on their cheeks while I am going, makes me so sad and powerless. I really want to go back; I really would like to have all of them closer. They give me a kind of love I can’t compare with anything else in the world. As they say, they don’t have anything but love to give me, anything but “thank you”. But don’t you think it is enough to be completely happy?


Moreover, the work and everything that Mama does for everyone there will never ceases to amaze me. It is completely outstanding; how can there be such a great people in this world?! I don’t want to finish writing without appreciating, the special treatment she gives me every time I go.


I want to thank too, the other volunteers and all the members of Better Me Foundation for giving me, once more, the opportunity of enjoying and continuing learning from the culture in Kisumu and from all the students of the school I have been a part of during the last month.

For sure, I know I will be back. So, “nyar Korando” (Korando´s granddaughter, as they have been calling me) just want to tell all of you ASANTE SANA. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, SEE YOU VERY SOON!


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September 11, 2016

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