The most beautiful experience of my life – by Cintia from Germany

My name is Cintia Balogh I`m 29 years old. I have always wanted to do something like volunteering but I was always afraid. Now after 5 weeks of volunteering with Better Me, I can firmly confirm that that was the most beautiful experience in my life.

It was a Wednesday, I was in Munich at the airport and I was just scared of the journey ahead. After 19 hours travel I was in Kisumu and I saw Thomas Ogalo (Programs coordinator with the Better me shirt). In the company was also Kelvin Opondo with a big smile and a nice face. She told me “Karibu home”,that was Isabela Calle, a current volunteer at that time. That was the perfect welcome and after 15 minutes I asked myself why I was even afraid because everyone else including kids and the team turned out to be more friendly than I expected. It is not so easy to put into words, how exactly it was.

The small kids faces in the morning when you wake up and they are waiting for you. The smile, when you have a ball in your hands, Laugh, when you take a picture of them. The unforgettable moments, when they dance. The never ending conversations with the older ones about the world and the future.

The everyday question “habari yako”(how are u). My answer was always” mzuri sana”(I’m fine) I could make a never ending list with the examples…

I would do it again and again. Just be really emotional.. My friend Samambo Johannes told me: this is not a goodbye, this is just a see you soon.


Cintia Balogh

Curious About Volunteering?

July 10, 2023

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