A way to learn more about me and about this weird world – by Pilar from Spain

Better Me Volunteer in Kenya
Everything happens for a reason, and I met a person that helped me to live one of the best experiences of my life. Her name is Angela and she has been supporting these children since 2015.

Being volunteer at the Korando Educational Center has been a huge experience for me. There are hundreds of lessons I learned, more than I could imagine before coming.


Every country has something different but Kenya is special. It is an opportunity to know other people from different countiries living the same experience and helping children in different ways.


Also, we live with some of the students, during the day we helped them with their lessons but after school we had time to enjoy going to the river, hicking, watching movies and playing card games.

After a few days they are like your own family.


Moreover, the school is located near Kisumu and Lake Victoria! We had the opportunity to visit the city, to see the most beautiful sunsets at the Lake and to have a boat ride to see hippos !

But …to be honest all theses things are the less important. For me it has been a way to learn more about me and about this weird world.

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How different people are and how happines is in our own hands. How you can be so happy with nothing and the great amount of things we don’t need.


I just say ” Come and help! Help them and help yourself to become a Better Me”

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August 11, 2016

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