Ubuntu Family Initiative – Cooking, Piano and Art Classes for Korando Kids

Virtual Cooking Classes

After joining Better Me’s Child Sponsorship Program in 2020, Natalie had an idea. She had been supporting a bright Grade 6 student named Melinda, but she wanted to find more ways to connect with the children of Korando as lockdowns set in worldwide. With the help of her two daughters, Timotea and Olivia, Natalie decided to create a virtual cooking class to share engaging recipes and stories right from her kitchen table.

 The class started out small. Natalie invited Melinda and a few of her friends at Korando to join 30-minute sessions every Sunday, sharing simple recipes from Barcelona that they could do in Kenya. But this virtual kitchen soon became more than a place to exchange food. It offered a space for both Natalie and the children to share their experiences in lockdown, from the enjoyment of spending more time with family to the hardships of isolation from their friends and communities.

Virtual Piano Classes

Encouraged by these blossoming friendships, Natalie decided to expand her cooking class into an accompanying piano course in 2021, encouraging the children to express their creative energies through food and music. She sent two foldable pianos to Korando and held virtual lessons with her children and a tutor back home in Barcelona. These lessons were filled with joy and laughter, as those on both sides of the camera played and sang along together every week. 


Natalie’s compassion and enthusiasm for creativity has touched the lives of countless children here at Korando, overcoming technical difficulties and lockdowns, to put smiles on their faces with food and music. Yet her work is far from over, as she has sent care packages of clothing for over 20 children, two more foldable pianos, and even supplies to start an art class with Timotea and Olivia. 

First Visit to Korando

Early March, Natalie and her daughter even came to visit us at Korando! They spent time connecting with the kids at Korando, visiting our projects and partners and organized art classes – for the first time in person!

Here at Better Me, we are incredibly grateful for Natalie’s continued dedication to our children. Our teachers and social workers are excited by their progress in expressing themselves through art, music, and food, and looking forward to more fun-filled classes with our friends in Barcelona! 

Meanwhile Natalie also launched the Ubuntu Familiy Initiative, to further her impact. Do check it out!

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March 23, 2022

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