Weekend Adventure Roadtrip to Kakamega and Beyond

Weekends provide a great opportunity to unwind from the whirlwind of weekday tasks and tight schedules. This past weekend, we decided to hit the road and explore some of the neighboring counties to Kisumu.

Our first stop was the equator, which, to our surprise, is just a short 20-minute drive from Korando Education Center. Standing at the equator was a fascinating experience, a simple yet profound reminder of the unique geographical wonders that lie close to home.

From there, we drove to Vihiga County. The landscape was nothing short of spectacular, with huge sedimentary rocks dotting the hills as far as the eye could see. The unique terrain of Vihiga made for a scenic and memorable drive, with each turn revealing another stunning sight.

Next on our itinerary was Kakamega County, home to the Kakamega Forest. This forest is a special place, being the only remnant in Kenya of the once-great tropical rainforest that stretched across central Africa. As we drove alongside the forest, we talked about the incredible biodiversity—hundreds of species of birds, snakes, monkeys, and trees. Though we only saw the famous “Crying Stone” from a distance, its imposing presence left a lasting impression.

One of the highlights of our trip was catching two live rugby games. For many of our volunteers, it was their first time experiencing the thrill of a rugby match in person. The energy in the stadium was electric, and the excitement was contagious. We cheered, gasped, and celebrated each moment of the games.


Finally, a good adventure during rain season in Kenya isn’t complete without being baptized by heavy rains! 🙂 Despite the weather, our hearts were filled with joy. And as we pulled into home, tired but happy, we knew that this weekend’s adventure was one for the books. Exploring the wonders close to us, enjoying the thrill of new experiences, and sharing it all with friends made for an unforgettable weekend.

Until the next adventure!

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May 28, 2024

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