Rafiki – My Friend – by Janne from Belgium


That’s a word that describes my adventure at Korando.

This summer I spent a month in Kisumu and I had the best time of my life. Before going, I thought I was just going to teach the little ones everyday from morning to evening, but one week into the program I noticed that there was so much more to explore!

I taught the older students life skill classes on topics such as self-awareness, mental health and critical thinking to mention but a few. Their answers and ways of thinking really gave me new perspectives!

We went to other schools, talked to teachers, had group talks with adults on different topics that we chose and of course the Remand Home. At the Remand Home we taught the children English 3 times a week. I never expected something like that to be in my package in Kenya, but it was amazing. The growth you see every time you do English classes with them was so rewarding!

Living with the kids at Korando and seeing them everyday changed my perspective in life. The activities you do with the Korando kids on the weekends like movie nights, dance parties and water-fights gave me the chance to get to know every child better!

My favorite parts of the day were the mornings, waking up and seeing their smiley faces waiting for you to come and say hi 🙂 Giving them morning hugs and talking about our sweet dreams… and of course the evening where we got to spend time with all of the kids together reading, telling stories, singing songs, helping them with their homework and the best part; goodnight hugs, talks and kisses.

Telling each other what we’re gonna dream about and wishing each other a goodnight.

There’s a lot of flexibility at Better Me and I definitely made the best friends there. I got to know and experience a new culture, new people, new stories and so much more!

The love that the Better Me team has for the kids clearly shows in the events they organize for them. I’m so grateful I got to attend the Chapati Festival, where we played so many games, learned about the countries where different volunteers are from and of course ate Chapati, a very delicious dish in Kenya 🙂

Seeing them smile is everything!

Thank you so much for this experience, I’ll see you back next year!!

Nawapenda my rafiki’s.


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August 31, 2023

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