The spirit of oneness – by Judith from Argentina

“Thanks to each of those who shared time with me in BetterMe Kenya, you became a part of myself.”

Franco was sitting on the counter and, while we were doing some games to improve his english, i was preparing pop corn for the kids that were watching a video inside the Dome Home.
I put the tray in front of Franco, inviting him to grab some pop corn. He took a first full hand and slided it inside his pocket. He took a second full hand that he started to eat immediately.
A few minutes later, Emily opened the door and as soon as Franco saw her, he took the pop corn from his pocket and with a huge smile of happiness he said: “this is for you”.And this is for us, this is about us.

I learnt a lot about myself through “the others” during my time with the Korando family. It was an opportunity to go back to the source of my quest. To unfold the question of my existence and to keep asking -and sometimes answering- who we really are.
I also confirmed things I already knew.
Probably, one of the most important is that take care of “the others” is the most lovely way of take care of me. And also that take care of me is the most healthy way of take care of “the others”.
The spirit that we shared in BetterMe Kenya is the spirit of oneness.

We live a relation of mutual respect with the people and the environment. We are always looking forward to learn the new lesson that the day brings for us.
With open hearts and minds -with open souls-  we have the opportunity to live in the present moment the ineffable that we called love and, in real, is beyond words.
Then, the miracle of being alive becomes clear and bright as a reminder to be grateful of every single moment we share with and in the universe.

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April 17, 2018

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