Happiness is only real when shared! by Victoria from Chile

Its been almost three weeks since I left Korando and there is no day I don’t remember the kids, friends and the best experience I had this last months. Every time I see pictures, videos or every time a friend or family member ask me about the experience, a big smile appears right on me.

The volunteer experience lasted only two months but the happiness and smiles it brought me will last forever.

Children from Korando Family are children with poor backgrounds so Better Me is in charge of supporting them by paying their school fees, health insurances and providing each one of them with food and other important needs.

I was the PE teacher from class 1 up to class 8. The role I played, was more than to teach them sports, I taught them different recreational games so that they could have fun, laugh, refresh their minds and enjoy. I thought my mission would only be teaching them these games, but it was more than that, I taught them values such as fellowship, teamwork, fair play and for them to respect each other.

In my free time I loved spending time with them during their breaks and photographing them having fun with their friends, smiling, playing and enjoying their day.

There is no doubt that coming to this volunteer have been the best decision I had made in my life. There is nothing more rewarding than waking up every day with the aim of giving them and sharing with them the greatest amount of laughter, hugs, love, advices, teaching or simply to sit down and talk with them about life. There is nothing better than sharing with them just a smile when they need it most, because they deserve this and much more.

Children who taught me to see life from a different perspective, taught me to live from simplicity, to be happy with the things we just have and to live the present.

I arrived to Korando with the mission of giving absolutely everything from me to them, but it’s incredible that they gave me back double or more!

I have no words to express all the emotions I feel at this minute nor do I have words to express how eternally grateful I am for all what Korando Family gave me. I also want to thank Sandy, who became a great friend to me and supported me throughout the entire volunteer experience.

Besides all the political problems Kenya had, I felt completely safe the entire time, I would repeat this experience a thousand times more!

Thank you Kenya and thank you Korando Family, I cannot be more fond, grateful and happy than what I am right now.

I love you all so much!

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March 20, 2018

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