Family is about compassion – by Vera from Germany

What my time at BetterMe taught me?

That you can do so much even with limited resources. That feeling satisfied has nothing to do with wealth. That with a little attention and care you can greatly improve the life of a child. That children do not condemn, they simply accept. That people grow when they build trust. The importance of helping a child build self-esteem and self-confidence. The incredible healing power of a simple hug…

It taught me you can do so much if you work together. That a common goal forms an powerful bond. That family has little to do with genes and a lot to do with listening, compassion, attention and love. That you can communicate without speaking the same language. That home is not a place, but a feeling you carry with you in your heart.
And most importantly, it taught me that true wealth in life comes from the smile of a child!

Many thanks to BetterMe, the Korando Family and especially to my dearest Sandy for my incredible time in Kenya and for this wonderful experience!

Asante sana!

Curious About Volunteering?

March 14, 2018

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