The precious Mama Dolfine – by Vivian Anyango from Kenya

The precious Mama Dolfine

We really love you Mama Dolfine we love you,
for you have a special place in our hearts forever
No matter how hard it is we still love you,
yes no matter how hard it is  we still love you.
You have given us a special foundation.
For the free heart you have has made us know who you are.
No matter how hard it is we still love you.
Nothing will stop us from loving you Mama.
For you have remembered us and you are the reason why we’ve git to study.
For you know that we shall be people in future.
So you’ve decided to make us great people.
You’ve made the orphans have smiles again an again.
Therefor we know you are the mother of all
We shall never fail you for we know you Mama.
Thank you for making us better people
who shall stand for a better world.
In future we shall fight corruption because you’ve made us do so
and we wont fail you Mama.
For you are the mother of the great people.

A mother of all but not one
A mother of the nations but not a nation
A mother of love
For we love you
And proud of you.

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March 28, 2018

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