I am thirteen years old and by now I am in grade eight – by Collins

Hi, my name is Collins. I am thirteen years old and by now I am in grade eight, my favourite subject is social studies because in future I want to be a lawyer.
The reason for writing this letter is to appreciate the works of your fellows in our school Korando. Since I started learning at Korando in the year 2006 I have never seen such kinds of job done by other people. Science you three fellows arrived this year I have seen a lot of improvement in our school. They have started an house project that will cutter for childrens in need and the house is just on it`s way to be done with.

Volunteer in Africa
Since they came in this, our school it is incomparable while they were not here and we have greatly benefited on them in these days they are here. We also appreciate their coming because some of them are attending our classes and teach us a lot from their countries and also they had made us improve in our languages.

Volunteer in Africa
The other appreciation is to games and sports since I am a footballer I am happy to be with them because of the provision of some game-skirt and balls to us which we enjoy playing during our free time.

Volunteer in Africa
Their coming has made us to start taking meal and this has help many of us because some of us can go home and would have nothing to eat.
From your loving penpal

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June 3, 2016

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