Doing things together, with love and reciprocity by Alessia from Italy

It has been already two months that I am back from my volunteering experience in Korando Educational Center and I can’t even imagine how empty it would be my life without having been in Kenya, without having touched the Africa’s soul!

There isn’t a single day since I’m back that I don’t have a memory, a thought of it.

I am living and sharing my life with all the amazing people I ‘ve met there, with all the kids I’ ve played, I’ve shared moments, educational classes, cooking experience, walk on the railway and walk long the path of life.

Every day I still sharing moments with Mama Dolfine, with her fascinating stories, with her learnings, with her example of life and her joyness.

Every day I’m still living and sharing my life with all the others extraordinary volunteers, the Better Me team; Toto, Simon, Judith and Lawrence. Each silence, every single laugh, eating and sharing food together, making herbal tea and banana bread. Every single conversation, discussion and sharing moments is part or my life now.

Because it’s not a question of distance, it’s not a question of time passed, it’s only a question of doing things together, doing things with love and reciprocity.

”If there is any single word that could guide one’s entire life? Should it not be reciprocity? What you do for yourself, do to others”.

Love yourself as much as you do love others. Treat yourself good, experience life, respect others, share things, help each other and love life not because you are used to living, but because you are used to loving.

This is what Korando Educational Center and Better Me taught me, this is what people shared with me, this is what I have now in my life more than before.

I also learned another amazing thing, how to turn the omelet! ha! 🙂

No matter what you have to do, no matter what are your dreams, no matter what you would like to be, always think that you can do it, believe in your powers, be strong and turn the omelette!!! You can do it!!!

This is Africa, this is my vision of Korando Educational Center, a place of learning, a place of things done with love, a place of happiness and creativity.

However behind all those things there are people, there are kids that need help. They need love, they need assistance, they need that their dreams become true. They need food, water, medicines, books, clothes and they need to be loved!!!

I would strongly recommend to share what you are good in, with the Better Me Organization because a Better World starts with a Better Me!

Love you all!!
Asante Sana🌈💓

Alessia from Italy

Curious About Volunteering?

September 19, 2017

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