A new home in Kenya! By Sandy from Germany

Since 4 weeks I am here in Korando and it already feels like home! My definition of home is not the place where I actually live or where I’m born, but the place where my heart is, where I feel part of a family, where I laugh and cry, where I can depend on people and their support as much as they can depend on me. As part of this large family, you’re never alone and always find help when you need it.

The decision to give up my life in Germany was not always easy. I have quit my job, left my home and sold almost all material things to be as free as possible. Free for this wonderful experience in Kenya! And I do not regret anything, I do not want to be at any other place in the world at the moment. It feels absolutely right to be here in Korando and to work and live with the Better Me team, the children and Mama.

The first days I had to learn to forget many of the well-meant warnings from people at home and to make my own experiences. This included taking the Matatu to the city, moving there freely and discovering many new things. No matter where you go, the people are incredibly friendly, greet with a “Hey Mzungu how are you” and are happy when you shake hands and greet back. My fear was completely unfounded and caused by many stories which were probably only half true. So I’m looking forward to make my own experiences and tell stories of the full picture!

The work here in Korando is a lot of fun, especially when you see the children playing outside, their happy faces, the hearty laughter. Then you know why you are here!!

I can only recommend anyone to come here as a volunteer and have this unique experience. The love and joy that you experiences here changes you … to a Better Me.
I am really looking forward to everything that’s going to happen in the next 11 months and hope to accompany many volunteers in their experience next year!

salamu nyingi


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October 24, 2017

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