Volunteer in Kenya – The best month of my life – by Leti from Spain

VOLUNTEER IN KENYA: My name is Leti and I am a teacher in Spain. This Project has changed my life.

I had been thinking about volunteering lots of times in my life, but I could never find the right moment. Last year my best friend, Angela, the person who I share all my adventures and travels with, and I decided that the moment had arrived. We started looking for the perfect place and project after last summer. We were very excited but time was going by and we couldn´t find anything we loved. We were a little desperate because we really wanted to do something, so I decided to ask my friend Cookie for some help after Easter. I knew that she was someone who could help me because she knows me very well and had been living in Zambia for 6 months. She told me about CHEAP TRIP BIG IMPACT (now Better Me) and introduced Angela and I to Torsten and Mathilde. I couldn’t be more grateful for that introduction; since the first e-mail that we received from them, we knew that Korando was the perfect place to live out this experience.

Volunteer in Kenya

We were just in Kisumu for 4 weeks and I can´t believe it’s already over. We arrived home to Madrid on Friday morning and we just want to go back again.

When we bought the tickets and I told my friends and family that I was going to Kenya for one month they were so happy for me. Everybody said that these experiences change your life and I believe it would be true; however, I never could’ve imagined that my feelings were going to be this intense.

Volunteer in Kenya-0

Since the first day we arrived to Kisumu I have felt like home. Mama Dolphine, the extraordinary woman who runs this amazing educational center, the kids, the teachers, Torsten and the other volunteers welcomed us warmly with songs and dancing. It was one of the sweetest moments we have ever experienced. We were so excited and happy that we didn´t know what to do! I couldn´t believe we were already there. My dream had become true!

Volunteer in Kenya

The days began to pass by and we loved spending time with the kids. We had so much fun together. We shared lessons, songs, games, laughs, trips to the river or to “our hill.” We taught them new things about our country and we learned even more about them. They even learned some Spanish and never stopped asking us for new words. I can´t explain the incredible feeling I felt every night when they said “buenas noches” to us before going to bed. These things made me believe in their future more than anything. These kids want to learn, they know that their education is the most important thing they have, they are so thankful and they appreciate every opportunity that Mama gives them. I wish children in Spain were just a little bit like them.

Volunteer in Kenya

This has been the best month of my life. I have lived the best experience I could have ever thought of. I have felt many different feelings but certainly my favorite one is the joy that I now have in my heart.  I have found a place where I can be at peace. I have met wonderful kids that I love more than anything in the world; kids that only shook hands in the beginning and gave us the best hugs in the end; the love we felt was mutual. I have seen the best smiles on their beautiful faces. I could never forget any of this.

Volunteer in Kenya:

Last but not least, I have found a Kenyan family. We are a group of five girls from different places in the world and after living all these great moments together, we feel like sisters. Thank you Mareile (also known as “Malaria Cheese”), Nicky, Danielle and Angela! This experience wouldn´t have been the same without your presence, support and laughs! You girls rock! And, of course, thanks to my “African father” the big David, the person who has taken care of us every minute during this month. I can´t imagine this adventure without him. I have never met a man like him, with such a big heart! He is full of kindness, jokes and details…

Volunteer in Kenya

Thank you Torsten and Mathilde for showing us this fantastic part of the world, this way of living full of happiness and for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this amazing project!

I couldn´t be happier right now!

Comment by Torsten: I couldn’t be happier neither! You guys really have done wonders here! Thank you so much. Your Kenyan family misses you and is looking forward to welcome you again!!

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August 31, 2015

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