Korando will always be in my heart! By Sofia from Argentina

I had the best experience in my life. When I remember the faces, smiles, kisses, hugs and the words of children and adults of Korando, I am very happy. I don’t want to change any minute of what I experienced in volunteering. 

Every minute was unique, special, full of love and wonderful intensity, and it challenged me to be better. I have only words of gratitude. Thanks God and thanks to the life for allowing me to love and receive so much. Thanks to the foundation BetterMe and Mama Dolphine for existing as an example of a different way of love, a life in the service of the other. Thanks Judy for our unique friendship. 

I remember my first day at the foundation, my first health classes, the first looks, I learned a lot. I learned that only love illuminates what lasts. Korando and this way of live life will always be in my heart all my life. Thousands of thanks.

Sofia from Argentina

Curious About Volunteering?

December 6, 2017

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