Connecting with LakeHub!


Recently, we connected with our friends at LakeHub in Kisumu. LakeHub is a technology hub for creatives, entrepreneurs and professional technologists. It’s a wonderful community space for tech enthusiasts to connect, work and share ideas.


Besides offering a free space with amazing internet to work from. LakeHub also works together with different communities to teach kids about technology and online opportunities. We are super excited to announce that our kids are joining the programs that LakeHub offers! This is an awesome opportunity for them to develop their computer skills, and to get up-to-date with the latest technology. We are planning to team up with them at the beginning of next year. We’re very curious to see what our kids will come up with.


On the 26th November, we took a few of our kids to GDG Devfest Western Kenya. Devfest is a Google-based developers festival, that was organised and hosted by LakeHub. The event provided the opportunity for its audience to learn all kinds of new things in the Google world from passionate speakers. There were speakers talking about future careers in the tech world, courses in basic technology skills and motivational speakers. Besides getting a lot of information and skill training, there were also plenty of opportunities to socialize and network with developers that are already working in the field.

Some of the kids got very enthusiastic about LakeHub’s programs when they heard more about them. Attending DevFest definitely stimulated their enthusiasm! We received lots of goodies from the festival and they were greatly appreciated by all at Korandos’ Educational Centre. Thanks to our awesome friends at LakeHub for hosting DevFest and inviting us. You’re all such a wonderful inspiration!!!!


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December 12, 2016

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