An unforgettable experience! By Sonja from Germany

Back from my adventure in Kenya I would like to give a little insight into the work of BetterMe, the Korando Education Center and the lives of the children. Primarily, I wanted to visit my daughter Sandy who is working there for one year. But I was quickly engaged as a volunteer.

The goal of BetterMe is to support the Korando family. It supports the center with the costs of teachers’ salaries, school fees, health insurance contributions and food. The children going to school in Korando come from poor backgrounds where the parents can not afford the school fees. The wonderful work of BetterMe motivated my husband and me to sponsor a child, to make the children’s world a little bit better and to give more children the chance of a future without poverty, violence and hunger.

The welcoming in Korando was amazing. The children sang, danced and their laughing and smiling was mind blowing. After all, most of the kids were happy and appreciated the smallest attention with a bright smile.

When we were not eating, learning and cleaning, we worked in the garden and distributed the melon that we found among the hard-working helpers, built “stilts”, practiced sports or read, painted, played and enjoyed time together.

I really enjoyed my time in Kenya and despite all the bad news about demonstrations and political problems I felt very safe all the time and was very grateful for the kindness and hospitality of the Kenyan people!

We have already made many trips to distant lands, but this experience was unique. To experience how much you get back from these children, for little things like a hug, attention, some time … An experience that has grounded me.


Curious About Volunteering?

February 28, 2018

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