$2,990 | Our first supportive accommodation!

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa. We asked our first backpacker for support (which pretty much means free accommodation) and we got our first positive answer! What a nice feeling! So last night we stayed at Homebase Melville Backpackers (anciently Melville International) and we couldn’t be more thankful! Thanks to them we saved $40, which probably represent the shower tap in the future volunteer guest room at the Korando Educational Center! Yoohoo, thank you for sponsoring the shower tap! And for offering us breakfast, on top of that!homebase

    We’re trying to contact the various bus companies that leave Johannesburg everyday in direction of Zimbabwe to get a free bus ride (good luck with that one). No answer yet so far, we have a couple of hours left, but we will call them if needed, step in their office and sing “Ticket to Ride” (the Beatles) until they accept us on board!


    We’re also thinking ahead and contacting accommodations in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, where the bus that we hopefully take this afternoon (please send us positive vibes or spam Intercape’s website with requests for us!) will arrive. This place doesn’t seem to have many “backpackers” options. And the ones I contacted yesterday didn’t answer. They have tons of lodges though. Let’s see what we can do about it!

And as you can see, the remaining amount went down from $3000 to $2990,87…  We had to pay for the website domain CheapImpact.org, $9,13 went on that one. If anyone feels like sponsoring a website domain by donating $9,13 it will be much appreciated!

Let’s see where we end up tonight!


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January 12, 2015

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