Refund Policy

Volunteer and Internship in Kenya

This policy covers the refund terms and conditions of the bookings of the internship program and volunteer program (hereafter “the Booking”) and the fees thereof (hereafter “the Fee”), between Better Me e.V. (hereafter “the Organization”) and the person participating (hereafter “the Participant”).

  1. Upfront Cancellation. 

[1] For a full refund of the Booking Fee, cancellation must be made at least 42 full days prior to the arrival date. [2] If the Participant cancels the Booking within 22 to 41 full days prior the Booking arrival date, 90% of the Fee of the Booking will be refunded. [3] If the Participant cancels the Booking less than 21 full days prior to the Booking arrival date, 80% of the Fee will be refunded.

  1. Cancellation during the stay.

[1] If the Participant changes the Booking departure date during the stay with the Organization in Kenya, due to unforeseen reasons, to an earlier date as initially paid for, then the following terms apply: [2] Notice of this cancellation is to be given to the Organization per email to [email protected]. [3] The first 14 days, from the date of notice, are non-refundable and are always counted in the new total number of days stayed, even if the Participant departs earlier. [4] Based on the new total number of days stayed, the Fee is re-calculated and then deducted from the Fee that was initially paid. 80% of the resulting balance will be refunded.

  1. Miscelaneous

[1] This policy is subject to change without prior notice.