Internship Experience in Kenya

Application Step #1

Thank you for your interest in interning with us! You’ll receive a Step 2 email with instructions on how to proceed. If you didn’t receive the email within 5 minutes, check your spam or contact [email protected]

How does the 4-Step Application Process work?


Step #1 ✓

Just fill-in your info and click “Request Info“. You will get access to our preparatory ebook and Application Form.

Step #2

Carefully read the preparatory eBook and fill out the Application Form. You will be able to submit all the details such as dates, length of stay etc.

Step #3

Once you got into the next round we will arrange a WhatsApp/ Skype call with you. We do this to get to know each other better as well as answering any open questions.

Step #4

If your application was successful we will assist you to find the best flights. Your spot will be reserved for a limited time and only when your flights are booked your placement is confirmed.