Why do we close our eyes when we pray, cry, kiss, dream? – By Alessia from Italy

Because the most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt only by the heart ♥️

Yep this has been my second time volunteering with Better Me Kenya in Korando and more than ever I feel part of this amazing, joyfull, sharing, loving BIG FAMILY!


The Organisation and the Center are an open minded space, where you can bring and express your best skills and share joy, enjoy community, feel happy and deeply interact with kids and locals in Kenya.

Each day brings new thoughts and new adventures.

My day starts very early in the morning with an amazing walk through the hills behind Korando, warming up under stunning African sunrises… 🌄

Then the day starts by sharing breakfast “breaky” togheter with the other volunteers and coordinators, so we can plan activities and be grateful for the new day. This really empowers to set up your day! 🌱💚

I also loved to walk by the kitchen and ask if I can help with porridge and cooking for the kids. It makes me feel a little like a Mom for them too.

I’m always up to play, move, excerise, shake my body and relax the mind. So for me the perfect combination is… doing yoga classes.

Discovering together how mind and body elevation can be possible for everyone. Seeing the children so curious to learn new things and seeing them happy on the mat made my heart sing. 🧘🏾‍♀️🧘🏾‍♂️

My biggest challenge was to get involved with the volunteer project “Adventure Happiness“, run by Oliver from Germany.

The possibility to collaborate together, share ideas, thoughts and the bigresult in seeing so many, I said SO many HAPPY FACES, there are no words to say thank you and be grateful for!!! 🙏😀

Better Me Kenya is also supporting other organizations like Dewo Ngima, which is running a mobile library for the children in the slums around Kisumu, and Amstrong Woman Empowerment, which supports vulnerable women with mentorship and income generating activities.

This has given me the opportunity to help outside the box and interact with many locals.

“Little drops of water, little grains of sand, make the mighty ocean and the pleasent land.”

So little things can have big impact!

Day by day you start to feel more and more part of the BIG family and I felt like taking the responsibility to support and collaborate more and more in order to make a significant impact in the lives of ”our” children and the whole family.

Help with their needs, sharing time and communicate with them, live a single moment of your life as unique and be present NOW!

So let’s go to climb the hills, swim in the river and yes why not party, music and dance… that’s LIFE, that’s KORANDO! 🎶🎧🕺🏿👯‍♂️✨🎉🎈💓

The most beautiful things in life never end because you always keep them in your ❤️

To make all this possible I would like to say thank you to the beautiful human beings Torsten, Mama Dolfine, Simon, Tom, Samambo, Ben, Pamela, Lawrence. The most amazing volunteers I shared moments with Emmi, Davide, Oliver, Laura and Ivan.
Armstrong women, Irene from the mobile library, Mama Bena for her frutis and vegetables.

The kindest brothers and sisters from Korando, Dan, Kennedy, Patrick and all the teachers….. but MOST of all….. ALL the children! 💚❤

I love you from the moon and back up again! See you soon!

Asante Sana,
sister Alessia

February 13, 2020

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