Swimming Lesson with Grade 5 “Water Confidence” @ Korando

Activity Report

Location: Other
Activity Date: 06.06.2024
Start Time: 2:40 PM   End Time: 4:40 PM

Facilitators: Jule Schlageter, Lucy Gschwendtner, Laura Ridderbusch, Teacher Evan’s
Number of Participants: 27
Male: 14   Female: 13

Activity Purpose/ Summary:
First, we walked the 10-minute stroll to the nearby swimming pool. Upon arrival, everyone changed into their appropriate swimming attire and took a quick shower. Once ready, we divided the kids into two groups based on their age and confidence level. The smaller and less confident kids went to the smaller pool, while the more advanced or taller kids went to the big pool. We began by building up their water confidence through a series of exercises, including tree pushing (where kids lay on their back and are pushed through the water by the teacher), floor is lava (where kids avoid touching the ground with their feet and move forward by grabbing the edge of the pool), kicks with their feet while leaning on the edge of the pool, sea star (laying on their back like a sea star), sea horse (using a pool noodle between their legs to move forward using their arms), and learning how to dive (practicing handstands and picking up a stone from the pool floor). For the last ten minutes, the kids had the opportunity to play with a water ball in the big pool. Afterward, everyone changed back into their regular clothes and we walked back to the school.

Personnel Input:
We have prepared and led the lesson.

The kids feel more comfortable in the water now and have learned some new skills.

Unanticipated Achievements:
The kids were very grateful for the lesson.

Supporting Partners:

June 6, 2024

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