Swimming Class with Grade 4 @ Korando

Activity Report

Location: Korando Educational Center
Activity Date: 21.06.2024
Start Time: 2:30 AM   End Time: 4:30 AM

Facilitators: Annabel Connolly, Jule Schlageter, Chloé Morrison, Laura Ridderbusch, Lucy Gschwendtner and Mr Evans
Number of Participants: 24
Male: 8   Female: 16

Activity Purpose/ Summary:
We started the swimming class with a 5-minute playtime to give the kids a chance to get comfortable in the water. They had a blast making big splashes and blowing bubbles underwater. After a few minutes of fun, we moved on to practicing diving skills. We demonstrated the perfect technique and showed the kids how to position their arms. Each child took turns practicing falling into the water headfirst, making sure their hands were the first point of entry, forming a dive. As they gained confidence, they continued to practice this technique, keeping their heads down and arms straight. We then worked on using this technique to push off the wall, which the kids really enjoyed as they tried to see how far they could glide underwater. After that, we practiced swimming on their backs, reminding them to keep their legs straight when kicking. For those who were hesitant, we used swimming noodles to help build their confidence in floating on their backs. We ended the session with a final 5 minutes of playtime, filled with smiles and lots of splashes. Overall, the kids had a great time practicing their diving technique and building confidence underwater.

Personnel Input:
The volunteers took time demonstrating each activity, ensuring all the children were clear on the instructions. Jule was in charge of the bigger pool with the children who felt more confident in the water. Laura accompanied Franc, the lifeguard, in the smaller pool to help with the children who required an extra hand. The rest of the volunteers captured the children’s happy smiles by taking many photographs of the session.

During this session, the children gained greater confidence in swimming underwater and on their backs. By practicing their diving technique, they became more familiar with gliding underwater and floating—an essential skill for staying safe in any situation involving water. We also had a fantastic afternoon filled with many smiles!

Unanticipated Achievements:
The children’s bravery and determination came as a pleasant surprise during this session. Since diving can be a challenging task, we assumed the children would be apprehensive about participating when it came to swimming underwater. However, to our delight, the children jumped straight into the activity with courage and an eager desire to learn. They listened extremely well to instructions and responded effectively to the tasks at hand. This was unexpected for the volunteers, as we thought the excitement of their first few sessions in the water might hinder their ability to be patient and listen quietly. We were definitely impressed with the positive attitude the children brought to the session and look forward to the next class with grade 4.

Supporting Partners:
Korando Education Centre
Summer Set Gardens

June 21, 2024

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