Swimming Class Grade 5 @ Korando

Activity Report

Location: Korando Educational Center
Activity Date: 20.06.2024
Start Time: 2:30 AM   End Time: 4:00 AM

Facilitators: Mr. Evans, Jule Schlageter, Tess Emanuel, Mr. Francis, Lucy Gschwendtner, and Laura Ridderbusch
Number of Participants: 25
Male: 12   Female: 13

Activity Purpose/ Summary:
During the swim lessons, we worked on water confidence by improving basic swimming fundamentals. The kids practiced the beginning streamline position, starts, kicking technique, and kickbacks.

Personnel Input:
During the swim lesson with the 5th grade, the Better Me staff split up, with Laura in the small pool and Jule and me in the big pool. Before the swim lesson began, Jule and I gave the kids 5 minutes to swim and play around. We started our lesson by working on holding the streamline position, emphasizing the importance of keeping the head secure with the arms above the head for the first five seconds of diving in the water. The kids spread out against the wall and practiced their streamlines, facing forwards and backwards. Once they got the hang of it, we shifted the focus to kicking. The kids grasped the wall as they worked on improving the strength and technique of their kicks. We highlighted the importance of using the feet to kick instead of the whole leg. As the kids began to understand this, we started practicing kickbacks with the assistance of pool noodles. The big pool split into 5 groups, allowing 3 kids per noodle. Many kids had trouble with the kickbacks at first, so Jule and I provided some advice to help, such as looking up at the sky instead of at the feet and engaging the core to help stay afloat. As the kids grew more comfortable, they attempted kickbacks without the noodle. About 40% of the kids were able to achieve this. The small pool followed the same routine directed by Laura, with a few less kids and a bit of a slower pace. We ended the lesson with all of the kids joining together in the big pool for 10 minutes. During these 10 minutes, the kids were given free time to play around or continue improving their swimming abilities!

During this lesson, we boosted the kids’ water confidence by further developing their swimming fundamentals. Many kids left the lesson with the ability to hold their streamline position, kick effectively, and comfortably do kickbacks.

Unanticipated Achievements:
The kids were very persistent and optimistic when it came to learning new skills. I was pleasantly surprised to see all the support they provided each other. On multiple occasions, when a pool noodle was occupied, the kids in their groups would hold onto each other for support, similar to the noodle, allowing for more productive practice of kickbacks.

Supporting Partners:
Korando Education Center and Somerset Garden Resort

June 20, 2024

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