Life Skills Session “Decision Making” @ St. Williams Primary

Activity Report

Location: St. Williams Primary
Activity Date: 14.06.2024
Start Time: 8:00 AM   End Time: 9:00 AM

Facilitators: Vivian Anyango, Ruth Obilo, Jule, Lucy ,Chloe, Anabel, Laura
Number of Participants: 60
Male: 28   Female: 32

Activity Purpose/ Summary:
The purpose of the activity was to help the students make the right decisions in order to set themselves up for success. Making wrong decisions can lead to a lot of challenges and consequences that they may regret later in life. An individual who is capable of making the right decisions in life will find it much easier to cope with everything and will find themselves at peace with themselves and others. The goal is to help them understand that good decisions lead to positive outcomes.

Personnel Input:
We had a dance at the start and at the end of the session that helped to motivate the students. The staff helped the students better understand the topics and assisted them with the moves. They also encouraged the students to make good decisions and even gave out some toothbrushes that the kids really appreciated.

The children’s response was a clear indication that the class was well understood and the key points were effectively communicated. Their active participation and thoughtful answers showed that they are likely to put into practice what they learned.

Unanticipated Achievements:
The positive outcome was the participation of the young students when it came to a topic like decision-making. The fact that they showed interest and readiness to put it into practice was amazing. It’s never easy to make the right decisions, so this was definitely a plus for us.

Supporting Partners:

June 14, 2024

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