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Dawn Andreas
Founder, NextGenGirls
Dallas, Texas

In just 3 short months, I've built an idea into a real business, including an alliance with a major spa chain that's expanding nationally and a series of successful workshops that my partners are promoting with major media exposure. Best of all, I'm making money doing what I'm passionate about: helping girls build self-esteem and helping moms and their daugthers develop stronger relationships!

A lot of other coaches told me my market wasn't viable or that this business would simply be too hard to build. Coop not only believed in my ideas, but he helped me stay focused, get organized, develop a great marketing pitch that really honed in on what my customers want to buy, including adjusting that message for different markets, and walked me through major hurdles much faster than I thought possible.

Using Coop's 7 Secrets of the World's Wealthiest Entrepreneurs has been a major contributor to my growth and success. If you want a wildly successful business, then do yourself a favor and hire Coop as your coach! I can't recommend him highly enough!

Eric Rodenbeck
Founder, Stamen.com
San Francisco, California

We more than doubled our revenues in the first year we started working with Coop. There are a very few people that I trust with important business decisions. Coop is one of them. He's Stamen's premier confidant, advisor, and sounding board, and we would not be where we are without him.


Deanna Goodwin
Graphic Designer
Los Angeles, California

We've been super happy with how our sessions are going with Coop. He
definitely helped us to establish some momentum, and to keep us


Name withheld by request
Project Manager
Novell, Inc.

Coop was instrumental in helping me work through a dysfunctional relationship I had with my manager. He helped me to understand what motivated my ‘boss’ and how to communicate with him in a way to meet his needs and to gain his respect while at the same time getting my needs met. I went from barely being able to sit in a meeting with my boss to having him as one of my biggest advocates within the company. I wish I could bottle that experience and reuse it whenever I can…and yet I do take out those principles of how to attack a work relationship issue and change the way I respond to turn the relationship into what I want and get both of our needs met.

I now have the relationship that I want with my boss. He is my biggest advocate and I truly value his support and resources. He is the first person I go to when I’m facing a difficult challenge at work.

If you're a coach and want to build your coaching business or strengthen your coaching skills, you need a good mentor coach!

Teresa Oefinger
Co-Active Coach, Whole Life Living
Petaluma, California

I am thrilled by the sense of excitement I feel both in my personal life and coaching business with Coop as my coach. I've noticed a huge shift in my level of confidence as I have become more skilled in the coaching profieciencies through Coop's mentoring. My clients have noticed it too!

Suddenly, what may have been a difficult scenario in the past, now becomes effortless. I am very close to my goal of becoming a Certified Coach, and more importantly, I feel like I'm achieving mastery.

I am already attracting more clients with my ever increasing confidence. Every week I'm excited about the realm of possibilities and the deep learning that happens during our coaching calls. I look forward to continuing this process with Coop and expanding in ways that are beyond my expectations.

Alan Brisbon
San Francisco, CA


Coop has been an invaluable resource for me; offering challenge, support, perspective or whatever I’ve needed to make progress towards my goals. Not only has he helped me realize many of my vocational and personal ambitions, but his coaching is a model of commitment, resourcefulness and professionalism that I aspire to follow with my clients.



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